Theia: specialist in lens technology


An ultra-wide angle without distortion, compact varifocal or telephoto lenses, the lenses of Theia Technologies offer quality in a compact format. Ideal for usage in an embedded ANPR sensor.

Founded in 2006, Theia Technologies has launched a family of high-quality megapixel lenses for security, military and machine vision applications. More recently, Theia broadened its portfolio to include a line of telephoto lenses and has expanded their portfolio to supply lenses for consumer electronics applications. Theia?s award winning Linear Optical Technology? corrects barrel distortion and improves image resolution over typical lenses. In addition, Theia has several issued and pending patents for lens technology. Theia?s lens technology enables AVUTEC to deliver industries best ANPR performance.

Motorized zoom lenses from Theia


Theia technology offers a wide variety of lenses, from ultra-wide angle lenses to fisheye lenses. AVUTEC?s Gatekeeper models use Theia motorized zoom lenses TL410 and TL1250 in order to facilitate remote controllable zoom, focus and programmable iris.

In order to get the optimal capture rate ANPR needs a controllable camera projection. Depending on the situation, the variable focal lengths of the lenses make it possible to optimize the view for short, medium or further distances of the number plates.

Designed for the best IR performance

Designed to match the highest image resolution standards, Theia?s lenses use aspheric lens elements and extra low dispersion glass types (ELD-glass) to enable a high quality (near) Infra-Red performance. Whether the TL410 or the TL1250 lens is used, superior imaging capabilities are guaranteed in all circumstances, like challenging weather and lighting conditions.

Theia?s motorized zoom lenses are suitable for both day and night operation. Due to the IR corrected versions, the high-resolution images even stay crisp in complete darkness.

Gatekeeper series

The Gatekeeper Access (GK_410 and GK_1250) is available for two different ANPR ranges and reads license plates up to speeds of 50km/h. The free flow Gatekeeper Traffic (GK_TR) version uses the TL1250 and makes ANPR possible for 6 to 20 meters at speeds well over 200 km/h.

ModelVideo sensorLens
GK_ 410NIR 1.9 MP,
17 fps sequencing
TL410 4-10mm motorized zoom
reading range 2-8 meter
GK_1250NIR 1.9 MP,
17 fps sequencing
TL1250 12-50mm motorized zoom
reading range 6-25 meter
60 fps sequencing
TL1250 12-50mm motorized zoom
reading range up to 20 meter