HS-PAS automates the entrance of Veense put


Recreation park ‘de Veense put’ is a remarkable place in the middle of Holland. It is situated in the floodplain along the river Maas. In early periods there was a road to get to the river crossing place. There a boat transferred people to the other side. Nowadays it is a picturesque headland in the middle of two lakes, formed by sand mining activities in the 1950’s. Since the eighties lots on the headland has been designated for living. It is not hard to imagine the nice view of the houses, overviewing the water and the riverside.

To regulate traffic on the park, a barrier secures the entrance. Until recently, entrance was permitted by access cards. Since the last two weeks, access control is automated with the installation of two Gatekeepers to implement license plate recognition and an advanced access control system.

 “We have been managing the access control of this special recreation park for over 20 years now. We recently expanded the access control with our parking and perimeter management system and the AVUTEC license plate cameras. The license plates are managed centrally, the gate opens contactless for each authorised license plate. The system of access passes can continue effortlessly alongside license plate recognition, which facilitates the transition,” tells Gijsbert Honcoop, co-owner of HS-Pas Parking Access Security.

A thousand possibilities to tailor solutions

Access control systems come in all shapes and sizes with different shades of complexity. Offering a system, that suits the needs of a client is the expertise of HS-PAS. The combination of their own parking and perimeter management system, well-chosen integration partners, plus years of experience in the field, ensures a tailored, high quality and user friendly solution.

“We see thousand and one possibilities in combining professional license plate recognition with our management platform. The system is user-friendly, both for the end user, staff and the management. The platform offers a solution for both simple and complex solutions. With the advent of affordable, multifunctional smart cameras, vehicle detection and object recognition, in addition to license plate recognition, can also provide an impetus for further solutions,” Gijsbert Honcoop explains enthousiastically.

Three practical examples to inspire

At ‘de Veense put’, the choice was made for central management of the list of permitted license plates. Besides that, the platform offers the possibility for individuals within a recreation park, or an owners association to manage their own license plates with the aid of an app. This facilitates the easy registration of guests and even opens the way to rent out a parking space to a nearby company or resident, during the owners absence.

Within the platform, it is possible to make payments, linked to a license plate. The concept is simple, but enhances a parking experience and comfort enormously. Online, a parking place is reserved and paid for. Upon arrival and departure, the license plate camera recognises the license plate and automatically opens the barrier. A high tech solution, that offers the security and availability of a parking space while leaving an experience of convenience.

A good example of a multifunctional integration can be found in the management systems of logistic distribution centres and the use of automated numberplate recognition. A display at the entrance points the driver to the reserved docking station after reading the truck’s and trailer’s license plate. Meanwhile, the staff is notified of his arrival via app or e-mail. Easy and efficient, while knowing who and what is currently residing on their premises.

HS-PAS: a trustworthy partner

Even though HS-PAS is a distributor of a wide range of products in terms of access control, security and parking, their main focus is to provide well integrated security system solutions. From a large variety of options, they render the best solution for any specific situation, ranging from low- to high-end security demands.
As a consequence, the applications of HS-PAS’ solutions form a diversity from apartment buildings, public and private parking areas, business properties, logistic centres, intelligent transport, universities, airports, government institutions, hotels, recreational areas and marinas.