Smarten your Panasonic network recorder


In access control and mobility solutions the choice for license plate recognition (ANPR) is often made. It offers convenience for end users and a reliable technology for parking and traffic management. In a complete solution a videosurveillance system records the camera streams to monitor and manage vehicle flow and entry allowance. To ease the search for a particular event, bookmarking based on a license plate will complete the circle. To offer this all-in-one solution, Sabelco approached Panasonic and AVUTEC.

Both Panasonic and AVUTEC responded with enthousiasm. Panasonic commisioned AVUTEC to develop a plugin for their ANPR camera, the Gatekeeper. The integration extends the functionality of the network recorders with bookmarking based on license plate recognition.

The plugin

Recognition of a license plate will generate an alarm. A list of alarms is maintained within the recorder to ease the search for events and recognitions. The Panasonic client displays the list of alarms generated with license plate recognition.

Both the Gatekeeper and the NVR support the ONVIF protocol, making installation easy. The integration of the two technologies leads to a surplus for both systems. 

A cooperation of three


Salbelco?is specialized in the import and distribution of electronic security products. With a broad range of security products they offer quality solutions. As an active player in security industry Sabelco knows the demands of the market and brought all parties together for a joint development project.

Panasonic network recorders

The network recorders from the Panasonic NX-series are frequently used and form a well known videosurveillance system. The recorder is robust and comes with an integrated graphical user interface. Next to viewing and recording, the devices feature alarm functions and searching. The GUI offers an environment to monitor and manage videostreams. The recorders blend simplicity of use and the benefits of IP-based video surveillance in one device. 

AVUTEC: ANPR and more

With more than 10 years of experience in AI based license plate recognition, AVUTEC has developed their technology to the highest class. The Gatekeeper, AVUTEC?s ANPR camera, combines their expertise in hardware and software in a multi functional device. The Gatekeeper X takes embedded AI to the next level, adding people detection, object tracking, pose estimation and even face mask detection to it’s core functionality. All AVUTEC’s sensor systems perform embedded image analysis and are designed to be integrated with other systems.?

A sneak preview

Intelligence is becoming the new norm. It brings convenience and offers a range of possibilities. By joining strengths, Panasonic, Sabelco and AVUTEC developed a plugin that adds license plate recognition and bookmarking to the network recorder. The plugin ensures, that customers and their businesses are able to achieve maximum benefit from their videosurveillance solution. A glimpse in the nearby future tells us the next step in this integration project makes a variety of detection algorithms available for the NX recorders.?