Security meets facility management

security meets facility management

As a distributor of parking management systems, access control- and security systems, HS-PAS has a keen eye for high quality solutions for specific needs. Therefore, HS-PAS introduced a security meets facility management solution at the National Sports Exhibition in Gorinchem, The Netherlands.

Access control at sports organizations

One of the many specialties of HS-PAS access control for sports organizations. Due to a collaboration with Avutec, Meshlink and the Dutch tennis federation KNLTB a new system involving both security and facility management for sports organizations has emerged.

This system offers a dual security function and automation of facility management. License plate recognition allows registered members to enter the sport complex. A member pass grands 24/7 access to the facilities of the sports organization. Sport courts, locker rooms and even the wellness area can be accessed. Facility management coupled to ANPR and member pass usage automates lighting, heating and security systems to facilitate full service.

Security meets facility management

Due to this advanced facility management system, sports organizations can upgrade their service to their members. They can use their license plate and membership card to gain access to a sports court in the middle of the night without staff to provide access or turn on the lights and air conditioning.

This solution fits perfectly in a time where people are accustomed to services on demand. Now, one can swing a bat at a padel court at every hour of the day.

HS-PAS: solutions instead of products

Even though HS-PAS is a distributor of a wide range of products in terms of access control, security and parking, their main focus is to provide solutions. From a large variety of options, they render the best solution for any specific situation.

As a consequence, the applications of HS-PAS? solutions form a diversity from apartment buildings, parking areas, business properties, universities, airports, government institutions, hotels, recreational areas and marinas.