SALTO demonstrates ANPR connection at trade fair


The SALTO ProAccess management system handles entrance to an area by access passes or license plates. Recently a link with AVUTEC?s ANPR camera has been developed and SALTO demonstrated this new combination at a trade fair in Utrecht.

SALTO?s access solutions

SALTO offers electronic access systems without mechanical keys or wiring; their access solutions are placed on over 4 million doors in more than 90 countries. But since security involves more than guarded doors, SALTO now also supplies perimeter security.

The ProAccess system supports access control with electronic access gates, but in order to achieve this, a connection to an ANPR camera was needed. And SALTO found a reliable ANPR camera in AVUTEC?s Gatekeeper. By connecting the SALTO XS4 2.0 control unit to one or two Gatekeepers, approved license plates of vehicles give access to an area.

A combination of the SALTO ProAccess system and the Gatekeeper

The XS4 2.0 control unit controls and manages multiple doors through one Ethernet connection and one IP address. It is supposed to be used with SALTO?s WRDB and WRMB wall reader range, but by connecting this control unit to a Gatekeeper, a whole new capability is unlocked.

The online control of the unit connects to one or two Gatekeepers with a Cat5e UTP cable. Managing approved license plates and the granting of access is done in SALTO?s control unit, the Gatekeeper provides the actual ANPR.

ANPR at the facility and building management trade fair in Utrecht

Over 13.000 people visit the facility and building management trade fair in Utrecht every year, and in January 2019 SALTO was one of the 300 companies to show their products and services.

At their exhibition stand SALTO also showed their new ANPR connection by putting a Gatekeeper on display. Passers-by were able to test the reliability of the ANPR by holding a license plate in front of the Gatekeeper. Since no access gate was available, the response of the ProAccess System was a blinking green light when the license plate had been read. This light was often blinking as soon as anybody picked up the license plate.