Sabelco adds ANPR to access systems


Due to the growing demand of automatic access control, Sabelco decided to add ANPR to the access control systems DMP and Paradox. They chose to interface these systems with AVUTEC?s embedded ANPR camera the Gatekeeper.

Specialized in electronic security products

Salbelco is specialized in the import and distribution of electronic security products. The company initially only offered intrusion detection, but through the years their range of products expanded towards the field of CCTV and reliable ANPR. Next to being a reseller of AVUTEC products in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg, Sabelco also distributes DMP and Paradox products.

By having CortexFramework at its core and by providing a Wiegand interface, the Gatekeeper easily integrates with any third party system like access control systems and door controllers. Therefore, the AVUTEC Gatekeeper was the most obvious option when it came to enhancing both DMP and Paradox with an ANPR camera as a distance number plate pass reader.

Sabelco at AVUTEC headquarters

Packed with cases full of access control and video recording equipment, Wim van de Weerdhof and John van Puijenbroek of Sabelco came to the AVUTEC headquarters in Breda. The big screen on the wall of the meeting room showed CortexClient with live footage of a Gatekeeper that is used for testing purposes.

Within a short amount of time, the two access control management systems and the Gatekeeper were working together. A connection had been established with the use of the Wiegand interface in the Gatekeeper. First Paradox and later DMP were triggered as soon as the Gatekeeper identified a number plate.

DMP and Paradox now provide automated number plate access control

From now on, every preregisterd number plate in either DMP or Paradox has access for a certain period of time. Both access control systems automatically open the gate to give access to preregistered number plates. They are also connected to a video recording system that records the entire process.   

This automated access solution for vehicles is also available without an access control management system, if such is not present. With the use of a single Gatekeeper, an electrically operated gate and AVUTEC?s CortexParking system with license-free Windows client software any company, institute or private property owner can have an easily managable access application that enhances both security and comfort.