Qurios boosts frictionless customer experience


The brand-new Qurios holiday retreats take a frictionless customer experience (FCX) to the next level. To surplus their comfortable, modern holiday homes at five different beaches across The Netherlands, they decided to start their hospitality at the entrance gates with the use of ANPR access control.

Share the simple things in life

frictionless customer experience

In a world filled with abundance, the small things even matter more. Qurios recognizes the importance of sharing the simple things in life with family and loved ones and welcomes their guests at comfortable holiday homes based amongst the quiet nature to unwind and relax in a pleasant environment. Located in the dunes the Qurios holiday retreats offer the opportunity to take long walks at the beach, followed by a glass of wine at the porch of a quiet and elegant holiday home to enjoy the sunset.

Frictionless customer experience

It is Qurios?s aim to offer their guests a complete frictionless customer experience to free the way to a relaxed stay. To give their hassle-free vacation a head start, guests can enter the holiday retreat with nothing more than their number plate. As soon as one of the installed Gatekeepers reads their number plate, the gate automatically opens.

Qurios didn?t stop at ANPR access control though, they use SALTO access control systems for their holiday homes and added the latest access techniques. With this novelty, guests can use their own smartphone to enter a holiday home instead of a key or a card. The app is activated at the reception and it provides access during the entire stay.
By offering these access innovations, guests of Qurios can enjoy their stay and share the simple things in life.


Seijsener recreation technique

Seijsener specializes in recreation technique. They develop, manufacture and supply specialized installations for recreational areas such as campsites, marinas and holiday parks. As a supplier of AVUTEC products, Seijsener provides professional ANPR access control to make sure the guests feel welcome as soon as they drive up to the entrance of the retreat.

For Qurios, Seijsener not only supplied the Gatekeepers, they delivered all installations for the holiday parks, from electricity and internet to lighting and the entrance gate.? As a market leader in technical infrastructure for recreation, Seijsener has a suitable solution for any situation.?? ess control.