New headquarters

New headquarters AVUTEC

AVUTEC headquarters is located on the perimeter of Breda?s center in a beautiful old building overlooking a city park with old trees, a pond with a fountain and a monument of World War 2. The building is over 100 years old and in architecture inspired by the canal houses in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam buildings date from the 16th century. They are more decorated showing the riches of the residents. The style of AVUTEC?s headquarters is more sober but with refined details. In it?s style not only Renaissance and classicism are apparent, glimpses of the famous Amsterdamse School are already showing. Each era has it?s own archictecture as a  reflection of societies cultural values.


A  building like this needs to be respected. It?s character preserved. During renovation the fa?ade is cleaned. The joints were cut out. New beaded joints were applied by a craftsman. The result is astonishing. The building from the past has been send back to the future.

During it?s lifetime lots of people used the building and made modifications on the inside. In contrast with the historic fa?ade, the inside has a modern look. Sleek white walls combined with warm natural materials. The combination of old and new fits it?s character well if done with care.