Smart parking at the Mondragon


In the historical heart of Zierikzee Hotel Mondragon recently opened its doors to welcome guests in their tastefully furnished establishment. Luxury and atmosphere are key features of this hotel. To make sure guests receive a warm welcome, the Mews reservation system has been combined with a Gatekeeper and smart parking service for their guests.

Something old and something new

Hotel Mondragon may be brand-new, the location of this hotel is anything but recent. The building has been located at the old harbor of Zierikzee for more than a century. It has been named after Crist?bal de Mondrag?n, a Spanish general in the 16th century. By order of King Philip II of Spain, general Mondrag?n took this small town and stayed at the old harbor for some time. Since then, his name is inextricably linked to Zierikzee.

The hotel aims to induce a feeling of old-fashioned enjoyment, sincere friendship and classic courtesy. As it turns out, such feelings arise much easier when there is some help in the form of modern technologies.

The Mews hospitality platform

In order to invoke the mood of classic courtesy, Hotel Mondragon decided to work with the state-of-the-art Mews system. This hospitality platform enables hotel managers to generate more bookings, manage reservations and to provide an excellent guest experience. In a user-friendly dashboard, Mews offers a property management system, a booking engine, a virtual concierge web app and secure online payments.

Due to the option to add a guests? license plate to a reservation, the step to an extension with innovative access control was quite small. By connecting the Mews reservation system to a Gatekeeper license plates of expected guests are recognized as soon as they arrive. The gate automatically opens, making sure the guests enjoy the features of Hotel Mondragon before they even exit their cars. This simple integration offers smart parking for the hospitality industry.

A collaboration with Hexta Fencing

The Gatekeeper of Hotel Mondragon has been placed by Hexta Fencing , a specialist in perimeter security and fencing. As an independent dealer of AVUTEC products, Hexta is able to install a Gatekeeper overlooking the entrance of a hotel, holiday park or camping ground. This ANPR camera easily connects to the Mews system, making sure a parking area is only available to preregistered guests and staff.

Giving a warm welcome has never been easier!