International IoTDay

International IoTDay

The 9th of April 2019 is a day for all IoT-enthusiasts to unite. On this international IoTDay the Internet of Things community invites each and everyone to set up an event, lunch or meeting to talk about what IoT means in everyday life.

IoT events around the world

The IoT Council initiated international IoTDay in 2010, and since then special events are organized on this day every year. This year, 40 IoT events are planned on the 9th of April, in locations from Brazil and Bangalore to Moscow and Copenhagen.

In Serbia, the international IoTDay is a reason to organize a barbecue party where IoT minded people can discuss the latest developments. In Rochester in the U.S. CertNexus? Chief Operation and Product Engagement Officer Megan Smith Branch hosts a webinar . During this 30-minute webinar she will have a candid discussion on how to avoid the pitfalls when implementing IoT.

International IoTDay is here to stay

Judging by the number of events that are planned on the 9th of April, international IoTDay is getting larger by the year. And in all fairness, this shouldn?t come as a surprise. More and more innovative IoT devices are produced to make our daily lives easier. The number of people who are interested in these innovations grow in an even larger pace.

Therefore, the 9th of April is a day to discuss everything that has been accomplished and learn what the future of IoT may have in store for us. We haven?t even scratched the surface of what we can accomplish with IoT. So it is obvious the international IoTDay is here to stay.

?The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it? Mark Weiser (1952 ? 1999), IoT pioneer