High tech convenience at MacCarwash


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With three locations equipped with high tech washing installations, MacCarwash offers an extensive range of car wash services in Amersfoort. Next to a choice of various washing programs, free measurement of tire pressure and vacuum cleaning, the interior lane ensures a full cleaning service for the inside. From now on automated number plate recognition adds extra convenience and efficiency for subscription holders at their venue at Calveen businesspark.

Subscription washing

Subscription washing at this carwash forms a convenient and competitively priced service for car lovers and business people ensuring an always clean and representative car. With the introduction of license plate recognition, subscription washing is more convenient then ever. Plan members just drive their car up to the entrance and the preselected program will start automatically: Fast and efficient.

Seamless integration

MacCarwash at Calveen is equipped with Gatekeepers, AVUTECs ANPR sensor system. The system captures license plates with great accuracy and is integrated with the POS of MacCarwash to implement the automation of payment. “With the integration of license plate recognition the car wash venue offers customers a high tech washing experience , a professionally washed car and minimal waiting times,? says Arie Mauritz, owner of Mauritz techniek. As a specialist in  security technology and partner of AVUTEC, the company was able to install the ANPR systems succesfully.  

Custom colored Gatekeepers

The concept of MacCarwash is thoughtfully designed down to the last detail. The choice for AVUTEC is not only a choice for technology and accuracy, it is also a choice for esthetics. A Gatekeeper can be delivered in every single color available matching brand and company logo. The MacCarwash Gatekeepers with their custom grey finish fit the interior perfectly adding up to customer experience.

MacCarwash more than a carwash

A liking for technology and innovation led to three state of the art car washes. An eye for business and more customer service resulted in MacCarRepair. At their venue at Isselt business park a small dent or a scratch in the lacquer can be repaired on the spot. MacCarRepair offers what they call ?spotrepair? or the repair of minor car damages, turning this carwash into a place to keep a car in optimal condition and perfect appearance.

MacCarwash offers a tailormade car (wash) service for all kind of customers, ranging from a single wash to a range of prepaid and subscription services for the regular user all the way up to spot repairs. ?With the implementation of license plate recognition, the venue at Calveen welcomes its customers with state of the art technology!