Berkman Maanweg Den Haag

Berkman Maanweg in Den Haag

Fuel theft is a long lasting problem in the fuel branch. It is costly and causes feelings of unsafety and annoyance. ?At our petrol station this has been a problem for years. We tried all approaches but did not find a good answer,? the owner says. ?Now we are installing DPS.?

The DPS system has recently been installed at the Maanweg in The Hague. Immediately after installation the petrol station’s owner and his son started adding their ? blacklisted? license plates to the national register of drive-offs. It reduced fuel theft instantaneously and made employees feel more secure.

Automated Number Plate Recognition

DPS is a complete solution to prevent fuel theft at petrol stations. It prevents fuelling-up-without-paying by recognizing a number plate and matching it to databases with blacklists within seconds.

A check with the national database of car information gives the construction year, color and the make of a visiting car, making it possible to recognize false license plates.
Colleague gas station entrepreneurs are creating a net by adding license plates to the register of drive-offs. The blacklist is kept vivid and up to date.

Drive off Prevention System

A monitor at the cash desk provides cashiers with audiovisual information, making it easy for them to stop potential petrol theft.

Busy station

The petrol station in The Hague is a busy station. It has a large number of positions for fueling up and extensive washing facilities. The shop is quite big and offers customers a wide range of products. Cars come and go. For employees it is essential to have overview at a glance.
?The monitor for the cashier is easy to use. Every time a car is visiting us it pops up on the screen with all the information needed to decide whether to release the pump or not,? the owner tells enthusiastically.


The personel is enthusiastic. It feels good to be in control and stop fuel theft. A new license plate is easily added to the local list by a few clicks on the monitor. It became good practice for the cashiers to use the system. For some of them catching drive-offs became a sport.
Practical jokes like putting your ex on the black list can not be done. All plates still have to be authorized on the management website.