Color psychology


Our embedded camera, the Gatekeeper, is not only versatile in it’s functionality but also available in all possible RAL colors. It is making the Gatekeeper stand out, contribute to profiling company colors or seamlessly blend in with the environment.

Stand out or blend in

Choosing a color effects the presence of the Gatekeeper enormously. The choice is highly depended on the function needed. When a preventive effect is wanted the color might be bright giving a warning signal to it’s environment. When a color is picked matching the environment it will be camouflaged making it’s appearance more neutral. It will be present in a subtle way.
Ofcourse a color can be selected just because it is good looking, adding up to the innovative technicality.

Company colors

Many of our partners display a Gatekeeper at their showroom in their company’s house style color. It contributes to professionality and makes it stand out in a crowd.
An exhibition is a perfect opportunity to use the effects of color. It stands out, raises questions and touches the imagination of costumers.
At AVUTEC we have a pedestal to complete the display of the Gatekeeper in style at our partners disposal.


For our OEM partners color can be important making the Gatekeeper part of their product. An access control console complemented with a matching Gatekeeper makes a complete product for automatically opening gates in style.
The Gatekeeper can be powdercoated in a solid color. A logo can be applied. The possibilties are endless.

Demands of an architect

Just imagine an architect spending many hours designing a beautiful building. Why not make the gatekeeper an asset by giving it a striking color. Or blending the Gatekeepr into the environment coloring it with sublety.
In a projects the demands of the architect can be strict.