Contactless payment


In daily life we all use our bankcard or mobile phone to pay contactless. We are used to the easy and secure way of payment. What if there is another way of contactless payment? What if we could pay with our license plate? Would we embrace it?  

License plate payment today

In hospitality industry adding the possibility to register a license plate in advance of arrival, results in a smooth parking or entrance experience for hotels and holiday parks. No fuss with cards that can be lost or broken. No need for personnel to open a gate. Instead access allowance is fully automated, welcoming guests with technology.

At the airport it is normal to add a license plate while making a reservation for a parking facility or valet parking. It makes parking quick and easy. And more important it reduces the chance to miss the plane.

The car wash industry, always eager to innovate and enhance customer experience, offers subscription washing based on license plate recognition at many car wash venues. Plan members drive up to the entrance of a washing venue where ANPR is implemented and the appropriate program starts by itself. No payment procedure at the car wash resulting in minimal waiting times and a perfectly washed car. Easy, fast and efficient.

In all above industries prepaid payment with a license plate is becoming mainstream. Beforehand there is an agreement about the service to consume, the amount of money spend and the duration of the service. No surprises for the consumer and the operator of the car wash, hotel or parking facility.

A high tech welcome for the guests of this holiday resort
Just drive up to the car wash and the preselected programme starts automatically.

High-tech convenience

A big advantage license plate recognition offers, is high-tech convenience. It is fast, accurate and easy, leading to a smooth customer experience. A license plate needs to be registered beforehand and thus only offers it services by the choice of the user. License plate recognition proved itself to be welcoming and convenient, instead of a cool artificial technology. As a means to reduce spreading Covid19, banks recently increased the limit of contactless paying with a bankcard. License plates as a payment method brings contactless payments to a new level.

License plate as a valid means of payment

Until now spontaneous payment with a license plate was not an available service, while it is technically possible. Imagine the possibility of extended payment services with a license plate. Wouldn?t that be handy? Wouldn?t that be convenient? Paying for a meal or an ice cream at a drive-through or enter a drive-in to watch a movie. What if there is a service today, offering ways to use a license plate as a method of direct payment. An initial registration and an app to confirm and authorize the payment, made possible by a trustworthy institution guarding privacy. The full incorporation of a license plate as a valid means of payment. Would we embrace it?

At AVUTEC we know social contact and human encounters make society and give meaning to our lives. We believe technology can be our assisting partner in creating the environment and circumstances where we can do just that. The outbreak of COVID-19 makes us think and innovate!