PayByPlate at Building Holland


Recently, AVUTEC enhanced their ANPR camera to be the first in the world to make autonomous payments triggered by license plates. Since this Banking of Things development had only been tested privately, it was time to show the PayByPlate solution to a larger audience: the visitors of Building Holland.

A Cooperation with Hyrde

Building Holland is an innovative trade fair for construction, installation and property sectors. Its main intention is to connect innovators and early adaptors. This event in the RAI in Amsterdam lasts for three days and the 250 exhibitors are seen by more than 15.000 visitors.

In cooperation with Hyrde, who showed a parking management solution at their stand at Building Holland, AVUTEC presented the PayByPlate technology. By placing a Gatekeeper, a screen with the FINN software and a small gate at the stand, visitors were able to see how payments were made as soon as a license plate was shown to the Gatekeeper ANPR camera. In a split second the payment appeared on the screen, immediately followed by an open gate.

Banking of Things at Building Holland

While browsing the diverse stands at Building Holland, it was obvious that IoT is gaining more and more ground. The innovation boulevards contained IoT devices, several stands showed new IoT solutions and presentations on digitization were held in an area called ?the IoT arena?.

However, few visitors previously heard of the term Banking of Things. This new payment method enables IoT devices to initiate payments. In this case, AVUTEC?s ANPR camera the Gatekeeper is able to make a payment for a service such as parking, based on a license plate.

Based on the positive response at the trade fair Building Holland, it will not take long for the construction, installation and property sectors to embrace this new PayByPlate technology.