ANPR access control at WILA


ANPR access control can be used in any situation, from a parking area at a hotel or a government building to parking at city areas. Recently, WILA decided to add ANPR access control to their brand-new parking garage in order to facilitate exclusive parking for their staff and guests.

High-end press brake clamping systems and tools

For over 85 years, WILA has been developing and manufacturing high-end press brake clamping systems and tools for press brake manufacturers and users. Their goal is to continuously produce tools to improve productivity and quality in the bending process. In order to realize this, WILA collaborates with press brake manufacturers across the world and continuously invests in the latest bending technologies.

ANPR access control

At any innovative organization that is constantly expanding, parking for staff and guests eventually becomes an issue. WILA was no exception to the rule, therefore they started to build a private parking garage at their premises in Lochem at the end of 2018. Recently this parking facility with 200 parking spaces was finished, and it included a Gatekeeper ? AVUTEC?s embedded ANPR camera – to perform ANPR access control.

ANPR access control provided by the Gatekeeper

The ANPR access control provided by the Gatekeeper ensures only the authorized vehicles of staff and guests gain access to their new parking garage. The Gatekeeper checks the number plates of the vehicles and verifies if these number plates are registered for access. Due to the I/O extender at the back of the Gatekeeper, this ANPR camera autonomously opens the gate as soon as an authorized number plate is recognized.

At WILA the Gatekeeper is part of the SALTO ProAccess Management system. This means the Gatekeeper is connected to a SALTO XS4 2.0 control unit, it controls and manages multiple doors and entrances through one Ethernet connection and one IP address. In this ANPR access control setup, the SALTO system operates the gate. Communication between the Gatekeeper and the SALTO system is achieved by the Gatekeepers Wiegand interface.


The reason why WILA chose to use a Gatekeeper for their access control is because the Van Buuren Groep, an expert in electronic locks and access solutions and respected dealer of SALTO products, supplied the gate and other security installations.

It was Van Buuren?s project leader Bert ter Haar who advised WILA to use ANPR access control with a Gatekeeper at the entrance of their new parking garage. SALTO and AVUTEC have been working together since the beginning of this year, and it is obvious Bert has kept himself well-informed of recent advancements at SALTO to make sure his clients benefit from the latest developments. ?