Gatekeeper at a medieval fortress in Norway

Akershus Fortress
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Akershus Fortress in Oslo may have been around since the late 13th century, its medieval catacombs also harbor the world?s largest charging garages. One of the features of this parking garage exclusively for electric cars, is that its entrance is controlled by AVUTEC?s ANPR camera the Gatekeeper.

Electric car capitol

For years, the Norwegian capitol of Oslo has been banning cars from its center by reducing parking spaces. Parking spots in the streets are now bike lanes or have plants and benches. In order to help improve air quality and fight climate change, downtown Oslo has become nearly car-free. All that is left is public transport and an increasing number of electric cars.

For the purpose of facilitating battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV), the catacombs of Akershus Fortress now holds a state-of-the-art charging garage with 86 charging points. This makes it the world?s largest public charging garage with Type 2 chargers only.

Access control by the Gatekeeper

In the old days Akershus fortress was guarded by soldiers just letting trusted visitors enter. Nowadays technology takes this role. Automated Number Plate Recognition is used to grant access. The Gatekeeper as a state-of-the-art ANPR camera fulfills this role with vigour. The Gatekeeper has become a soldier in the climate change challenge.

Enter security

Enter Security was established in 2009 with the aim of becoming a leading security innovator in the Nordic region. It?s mission and ambition is to contribute to increased security by developing, simplifying and streamlining access and payment solutions, as well as security systems for businesses and individuals – simply making it easier to create – a safer and smarter everyday life!
Bringing the fortress to the age of technology with the installation of the Gatekeeper matches a security innovator perfectly.