Founded by AVUTEC, a Dutch manufacturer of embedded ANPR cameras, ANPR projects is a showcase of innovating projects that involve ANPR. By spreading our knowledge and enthusiasm on this subject, we hope to inform and inspire.

Bringing you the latest on ANPR

ANPR is a technology that constantly evolves. By bringing you the latest techniques, software integrations and exciting projects you?ll always be up to speed. Whether you are looking for information on ANPR hardware or if you are more interested in ANPR software (or a combination of the two), you will find it on this website.

ANPR projects

Next to offering thorough background information on ANPR, we also inform about AVUTEC?s latest projects and our new partner collaborations. However, it is not our intention for this website to be all about us. If you have just completed a successful project that involves ANPR or if you have ANPR news, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to ??