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  • Theia: specialist in lens technology

    An ultra-wide angle without distortion, compact varifocal or telephoto lenses, the lenses of Theia Technologies offer quality in a compact format. Ideal for usage in an embedded ANPR sensor. Founded in 2006, Theia Technologies has launched a family of high-quality megapixel lenses for security, military and machine vision applications. More recently, Theia broadened its portfolio to include a line of ...
  • ANPR access control at WILA

    ANPR access control can be used in any situation, from a parking area at a hotel or a government building to parking at city areas. Recently, WILA decided to add ANPR access control to their brand-new parking garage in order to facilitate exclusive parking for their staff and guests.
  • Qurios boosts frictionless customer experience

    The brand-new Qurios holiday retreats take a frictionless customer experience (FCX) to the next level. To surplus their comfortable, modern holiday homes at five different beaches across The Netherlands, they decided to start their hospitality at the entrance gates with the use of ANPR access control. Share the simple things in life In a world filled with abundance, the small ...
  • Gatekeeper at a medieval fortress in Norway

    Akershus Fortress in Oslo may have been around since the late 13th century, its medieval catacombs also harbor the world’s largest charging garages. One of the features of this parking garage exclusively for electric cars, is that its entrance is controlled by AVUTEC’s ANPR camera the Gatekeeper.
  • Blinkie Carwash evaluates the Gatekeeper

    As one of the most innovative car washes in Belgium, Blinkie Carwash is always looking for new opportunities and technologies to further improve their services. For that reason, they decided to research the possibilities of integrating ANPR in their car wash.


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