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  • Gatekeeper at a medieval fortress in Norway

    Akershus Fortress in Oslo may have been around since the late 13th century, its medieval catacombs also harbor the world’s largest charging garages. One of the features of this parking garage exclusively for electric cars, is that its entrance is controlled by AVUTEC’s ANPR camera the Gatekeeper.
  • Blinkie Carwash evaluates the Gatekeeper

    As one of the most innovative car washes in Belgium, Blinkie Carwash is always looking for new opportunities and technologies to further improve their services. For that reason, they decided to research the possibilities of integrating ANPR in their car wash.
  • Cat detector: a deep learning experiment

    ANPR is based on deep learning, a machine is taught how to recognize number plates. AVUTEC’s Gatekeeper is an embedded ANPR camera, but also a versatile IoT camera. Therefore, it can do a lot more than identify vehicles. As it turns out, the Gatekeeper can also be used as a cat detector.
  • Sabelco adds ANPR to access systems

    Due to the growing demand of automatic access control, Sabelco decided to add ANPR to the access control systems DMP and Paradox. They chose to interface these systems with AVUTEC’s embedded ANPR camera the Gatekeeper.
  • PayByPlate at Building Holland

    Recently, AVUTEC enhanced their ANPR camera to be the first in the world to make autonomous payments triggered by license plates. Since this Banking of Things development had only been tested privately, it was time to show the PayByPlate solution to a larger audience: the visitors of Building Holland.